Watch Selena Gomez Go On An Awkward Maccas Run For ‘Carpool Karaoke’

Singer Selena Gomez has used an appearance on Carpool Karaoke to go on a kind of awkward Maccas run with The Late Late Show host James Corden.

Gomez’s slot on Carpool Karaoke (below) sees her and Corden sing Come & Get It on a rollercoaster before they rock up at a local McDonald’s, only for the restaurant’s drive-through attendant to freak out at the sight of Gomez. The thing is, the staff member wasn’t so excited about seeing Corden, and he wasn’t very impressed.

After their awkward Maccas run, Gomez and Corden get to chatting about Taylor Swift’s “girl squad”, which Corden thinks is “a bit sexist” and “degrading to men” because no blokes have been invited to join the crew.

In response, Gomez says that she thinks the entertainment industry could do with a little bit of “female sexism” directed at men.

All in all, Gomez’s appearance on Carpool Karaoke was no where near as crazy as the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ was last week, but it packed a number of Gomez’s big hits, including Same Old Love, Hands to Myself and Kill Em with Kindness.

Gomez is touring Australia for the very first time this August, with three shows scheduled around the country as part of her worldwide Revival tour.

Watch her sing and get Maccas on Carpool Karaoke, below.

Watch: Selena Gomez On Carpool Karaoke

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