Serj Tankian Reveals New Track, Available For Free Download

Serj Tankian will be revealing his latest track Cornucopia on June 5. The track is the first single to be released from his up-and-coming third studio album on his lonesome, Harakiri, expected to drop July 10.

As you can surely tell by now, the album will be rife with politcal undertones, cultural sub-context and a hefty dose of heckling at the current state of the world.

Like his releases beforehand, Tankian recorded and produced the material from his home studio, though this time, according to the System Of A Down frontman, “I used the Apple iPad as a songwriting instrument to sketch out three of the songs on the record… We must trick ourselves into writing in different ways to get unexpected results.”

The underlying themes of the album can be traced back to 2011, Tankian explains, “The year 2011 started with a fire. Some kids in Piha, New Zealand were setting off fireworks that landed on my neighbour’s property and lit the whole hill on fire. I knew it was going to be a hell of a year and it certainly was,” says Tankian. “Within five days of that, reports came out about birds and fish dying in massive numbers globally. The omen was not lost on me. Varied creatures on earth were committing massive hara-kiri (the Japanese term signifying ritualistic suicide). Do they know something we don’t about the coming times or the sustainability of the environment? That is the day I started writing this record.”

You can hear the first offering off the album on his website; just a cheeky email sign-up then the track is yours.

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