Seth Sentry Says Go Easy On Frances Abbott

Many have directed scorn towards Tony Abbott‘s daughter Frances, after it was revealed that a $60k scholarship she received to a prestigious Sydney design school may not have been on merit as was alleged. But one of Abbott’s art subjects, rapper Seth Sentry, says we should go easy on her.

“So this drawing was in Tony Abbotts daughters [sic] portfolio. The one that got her the 60k scholarship?” Sentry incredulously asks on his social media channels beside a confused emoticon. The work in question is a line-drawing rendering of a photo of Sentry taken by Nick Rieve.

After posting the image, many Sentry fans took to the comments section to leave vulgarities about Ms Abbott, but Sentry says that he didn’t upload the portrait in order to “rag” on the Prime Minister’s daughter. “I don’t know her,” he adds, “but I just thought it was a strange turn of events.” The rapper concludes by reminding his followers that “She’s not her Dad” and is “probably a really nice person.”

The image was originally attached to an agrammatical review of Sentry’s This Was Tomorrow LP, in which Abbott discusses her love for Aussie hip-hop. “I have always liked Aussie hip-hop. A lot of my friends who live for hip-hop dislike the twang of the Aussie accent in their rhymes… I think that the Australian accent is sexy and to me, our hip-hop artists sound honest, genuine, and relatable.”

While there is yet to be any tangible evidence that the scholarship was awarded on anything other than merit, the nature in which Abbott received the award has been under a high level of scrutiny since reports first revealed a prior relationship between the Whitehouse Institute Chairman of the Board Les Taylor and the PM, and that Taylor had donated large sums to the NSW Liberal Party.

Speaking recently to, three anonymous Whitehouse students questioned the “merit” of Abbott’s work, saying that while she is “talented at what she does” her work did not warrant a scholarship and that “the standard of her work was pretty much on par with everybody else’s.”

UPDATE 23/05/14 9:45am AEST: Seth Sentry says he is “legitimately gutted” about the way fans took to last night’s social media posts about Frances Abbott and has deleted the pictures from his account. In a brief statement he reminds people that “those Facebook profile pics & usernames are linked to real, living, breathing human beings. When you write insults to them it’s exactly the same as saying it face to face. If you wouldn’t say it face to face, don’t write it.” The full new post is below.

Gallery: Seth Sentry – Homebake 2012, The Domain, Sydney 08/12/2012

Photos by Olivia Hadisaputra

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