Shannon Noll Just Played A Surprise Gig At Sydney Uni For Some Reason

Footage has emerged of Shannon Noll gracing the stage at Sydney University’s O Week celebrations today, in a surprise performance which left meme-loving students singing What About Me at the top of their lungs.

Taking to the stage at Sydney Uni this afternoon, Nollsie also belted out acoustic takes on hits like Drive and Shine as excited youngsters looked on and just generally lost their shit — so is the power of the Nollsie meme machine.

Posting to social media following his short-but-sweet performance, Nollsie said, “Had a blast playing at Sydney Uni’s OWeek today. What an awesome crowd. It was pretty hot, but they hung in there. Great to meet you all guys, and thanks for having me!”

Which, of course, led to some tongue-in-cheek responses from his followers, including these gems:

shannon noll facebook sydney uni screenshot 4

shannon noll facebook sydney uni screenshot 3

shannon noll facebook sydney uni screenshot 2

shannon noll facebook sydney uni screenshot 1

So how did Sydney Uni manage such a feat? University Of Sydney Union President Alisha Aitken-Radburn tells Music Feeds that after a few weeks of not hearing back from Nollsie’s management, his agent made contact and made it official. “We had to keep it secret for a few weeks, which was SUPER difficult,” she says.

“We wanted Nollsy because we knew just how much uni students absolutely love him. I’m a student myself and adore him. It was an incredible gig, he still sounds as good as he did in 2003, and I would really encourage people to get to his upcoming gigs.”

Catch footage and photos from Nollsie’s surprise Sydney Uni gig, below.

As for that petition to send him to Eurovision 2016, Nollsie has told 2DayFM that he’s “100 per cent” keen for the job if he’s selected.

What About Me would be a great song to do I think, just because it’s stood the test of time,” Nollsie said. “It’d be great to write something celebrating the country itself and the beautiful things we have here and the amazing place it actually is.”

Right you are, Nollsie, right you are.

Yeah not bad #usuaccess #usyd

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Let's Drive!! #usu #shannonnoll @nollsie

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Shine on @nollsie #shannonnoll #usu

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