Sharks Are Big Fans Of AC/DC According To A New Study

We’re almost 100 per cent sure that sharks aren’t big users of Spotify, but apparently they do have a preference when it comes to music.

According to a new book The Mice Who Sing For Sex: And Other Weird Tales From The World Of Science by radio hot Lliana Bird and neurologist Dr Jack Lewis (via Team Rock), sharks are drawn to heavy metal and more specifically low frequency pulsing sounds.

Getting even more specific, great white sharks are AC/DC fans and particularly like You Shook Me All Night Long and If You Want Blood (You Got It). It makes them calmer and less aggressive, quite the opposite to a group of people listening to AC/DC.

So, the lesson here is, if you’re ever going into shark-infested waters, make sure you’ve got an iPod loaded up with AC/DC just incase they come after you.

There are more animal and music discoveries included in the book like four fish were trained to tug a red bead in the aquarium for food everytime certain music was played.

The fish also showed that they had a preference for certain composers over others after they were played Bach and Stravinsky.

Furthermore, cats are big fans of classical music and it’s what they like to listen to when they want to chill out.

Watch: AC/DC – ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’

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