Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne Have Reportedly Split Up

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have reportedly called it quits after 34 years of unholy matrimony and in other news LOVE IS NOTHING BUT A GOD DAMN LIE.

According to multiple sources including Blabbermouth, The Sun and The Daily Mail, the Prince and Princess of Darkness had a massive bust-up, prompting Ozzy to pack his bags and move out of their $10 million Beverly Hills mansion.

The tabloids are reporting that Sharon “went ballistic” and turfed Ozzy out after discovering that he’d been having a fling with a celebrity hairstylist.

From the reported timeline of these events, it seems as though Shaz must have found “proof” of the affair while Ozzy was away touring Australia with Black Sabbath, and then confronted him about it when he returned home.

The Osbournes’ publicist has confirmed to The Sun that Ozzy isn’t currently staying at the couples’ Beverly Hills home — where a bouquet of flowers and a card was apparently delivered to 63-year-old Sharon yesterday.

The paper is also reporting that Ozzy “disappeared” for several days after their row, triggering fears that he’d relapsed into his drug and alcohol addiction.

Ozzy was fired from Sabbath in 1979 because of his substance abuse and erratic behaviour, which is when Sharon became his solo career manager, and then his girlfriend.

The pair got hitched on July 4th, 1982 and Ozzy has repeatedly credited Sharon with saving his life and forcing him to clean up his act.

Let’s hope those crazy kids can work things out.


Otherwise let’s face it – Ozzy’s career (if not his life) could go the same way as the fucking TV remote.

UPDATE 11/05/16:  Sharon has spoken out for the first time since the split was reported, confirming that love is a lie, and that Ozzy had indeed been kicked out of their marital home.

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