She & Him Stream New Album ‘Volume 3’ In Full

It seems that come album number 3, the collaborative duo of She & Him have worked out their own formula for success, namely bring She upfront, and leave Him in the backgrounds. The results seem to speak for themselves, as you’ll soon discover with their latest album Volume 3 representing the most concise and deliberate record from their pair to date.

The album won’t drop in Australia until Friday, 3rd May but thanks to the cats over at NPR, you can stream the whole thing in its entirety. The male part of the equation, M. Ward has taken much more of a back seat this time round. The album seems to be 99% sung in the voice of Zooey Deschanel who is killing it on camera and in the studio.

The Her persona must have some intense clashes with her New Girl persona. Both seem to disagree on an array of topics with She & Him and more specifically Volume 3 showing the same doe-eyed Alice In Wonderland type character in a totally new light.

To check out the entire album before the unwashed masses have their chance, head over to the NPR site and get streaming.

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