Shore Thing Will Go Ahead As Normal This Year

Rumours suggesting that Shore Thing wouldn’t go ahead this New Year are false, says Fuzzy. Speculation that the festival could be over or be changed started when The Beast published an interview with a Bondi Beach Precinct Committee member who said “The event as it is just does not fit with the community and it has to change; that’s what most people want.”

Now Fuzzy have issued a statement assuring fans that everything will be going ahead as normal this year:

“Recent reports that Shore Thing is not going ahead this year were about as credible as reports that the world will end on 21st December. Waverley Council has confirmed that it is going ahead (Shore Thing, not the end of the world). The capacity will be 13,500, a slight reduction from the 15,000 it has been every year since it commenced in 2005 with Fatboy Slim headlining. Another change, which we’re very excited about, is that the dance floor will be on the beach itself, proper summer luau style!

As long as the world still exists, of course.”

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