Sia Calls It Quits After 5 Albums

Australia’s Sia has announced that she is quitting the music business and no longer wants to be in the spotlight. The Clap Your Hands singer released 5 albums during her career and collaborated with the likes of David Guetta and Christina Aguilera.

She took to Twitter to announce her retirement:

@siamusic: hi. i’m not touring or doing appearances or being in videos or doing interviews anymore. i like to be behind the scenes for now. cheerio!

@siamusic: oh yeah i’ll make music and put it out eventually, just without touring or promoting it. and i’ll make bank writing pop songs for pop starz!

In an interview with the Herald Sun in 2010, Sia explained she was on the verge of quitting and that she was over being famous.

The downsides (of fame) are so overwhelming that, for me, there is no pay-off…When I was outed by Perez Hilton as bisexual, I suddenly started being asked personal questions, which was really difficult…It’s no wonder Britney Spears was diagnosed as bipolar. And Amy Winehouse wasn’t doing crack and heroin until she became successful.

However, she continued to tour and promote her new album denying reports she would retire there and then.

In a statement to Perezhilton at the time, she said:

i really am finding it incredibly nerve wracking,being picked apart and observed and finding myself responsible for so many peoples feelings, needs and sometimes even incomes. i’m even shaking right now,as it type this,after just having gone to your site for a bit of juicy gossip i never thought i would become.

i really am living the dream of a ten year old that thought if she was famous her dad would love her more. As a 34 year old woman i’m realizing i was not built for this kind of scrutiny,and i am not comfortable with it.

Watch: Sia – Clap your Hands

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