Sia To Release ‘Three New Albums’?

Earlier this year, one of Australia’s favourite and quirkiest vocalists, Sia, announced that she would be taking a major step back in the music scene, forfeiting the possible frequent flier miles by stating that she would no longer tour.

However, a glimmer of hope has arisen from Australia’s queen of pop, with a series of tweets emerging between her and American socialite Perez Hilton. The crux of the tweets comes in the form of an unofficial announcement, in which Sia tells the twittersphere that she will soon be releasing three studio albums.

The tweet, available below, describes the albums in three distinct genres. Firstly, a Sia record; secondly, an orchestral record; and lastly, an animated pop project. I’m unsure what the difference between a Sia record and an animated pop project record is but I’m quite excited.

Known for her collaborations with American rapper Flo Rider and French DJ David Guetta, as well as for her own works, including the ever-famous ‘Breathe Me‘, the extensive project will hopefully see her sound manifest into some more platinum selling albums.

On a somewhat negative note, Sia has stuck to her guns, continuing to tell Perez that “I’m not going to tour or promote the albums!”. That sucks. Anyway, I’m sure Sia herself is an extremely honest woman; however, Twitter has become a platform in which musicians tease fans, ‘announcing’ releases that may never eventuate (see The Avalanches).




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