Silverchair’s Ben Gillies Reckons He Was “Stitched Up” By Matty Johns After The Logies

NRL great Matty Johns and Silverchair great Ben Gillies are having a cute little post-Logies lovers spat.

The Newy boys apparently had some kind of off-camera encounter at this year’s TV industry bash that involved a self-professed on-the-piss Johns loudly performing his favourite Silverchair songs to a less-than-impressed Gillies.

“I tell you something weird last night, I saw Ben Gillies … I saw him last night and I said, ‘Yew! How you going brother?’ That’s what we do in Newcastle,” Johns told his fellow Triple M jocks on this morning’s Grill Team episode (via News Corp).

“We were kissing each other’s arses there for a while and then I started singing Silverchair songs,” the ‘Best Sports Program’ Logie nominee continued. “His wife Jackie said, ‘Oh Matty, he doesn’t like that’ and I thought, ‘Nah bullshit’. So I just kept singing all my favourite Silverchair songs.”

*** cue Johns busting out a horrifying rendition of ‘Freak’ ***

“He (Gillies) goes, ‘Matty, I’m so embarrassed by what you’re doing I’m going to have to leave.’ I thought he was joking but he left, he left! He went to bed,” Johns said.

But the Silverchair drummer has since taken to Twitter to set the record straight, accusing his fellow Novocastrian of stitching him up with the story.

“U Ffffk’n stitched me up,”, he posted. “U singin’ S’chair songs didn’t bother me at all… because U do it every time I see ya.”

Meanwhile, Gillies recently revealed that he may never tour again, after sustaining a serious shoulder injury at a Melbourne gym.

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