Skrillex Gets Ego Check, Decks Himself On Stage In Mexico

Skrillex might be the prince of dubstep, but he’s certainly looking like the court jester of regular stepping – the dude has been caught on camera getting absolutely taken out by a stationary object on stage in Mexico.

In footage taken at what looks to be his headlining performance at Mexico City’s Expo Bancomer on Thursday, 20th December 2012, Skrill-mate comes a massive cropper on a stage prop that’s hanging around head level, and no matter how many times you watch it, it’s still hilarious.

The whole tour was the subject of a short 15-minute doco Skrillex put together to celebrate his tour of Mexico, but this footage didn’t make it to the final cut, funnily enough. We’ve managed to source the moment when Skrillex drops the face, in HD goodness, for your enjoyment, though.

In the doco, you can see the moments before S.Krizzle cops it, screeching “We did it!” and congratulating himself and his crew. With a look on his face like he’s just thought of some brilliant idea, he goes to dsah backstage but is stopped by a stage prop which sends him crashing ass first to the floor, though not before he hits the other side of his head on a stage light. Yeah, it’s proper ownage.

Before you know it, the DJ is back up on his feet – thankfully, there doesn’t seem to be any permanent damage though, to be far, sometimes brain damage takes years to take hold after head trauma. They said so on Law And Order.

Watch: Skrillex cops it hard

Watch: Skrillex in Mexico

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