Slash Jamming With The Cast Of Broadway’s ‘School Of Rock’ Is Cute AF

Currently on tour with a reunited Guns N’ Roses, guitar legend Slash recently took some out from his busy schedule to drop in on the cast of Broadway’s School Of Rock musical, for a surprise visit and jam session.

Busting in on the cast during a rehearsal, the sheer joy and shock of kids is written clearly on their faces — minus the keyboardist, who gives zero fucks.

Young guitarist Brandon Niederauer was especially happy to see Slash, struggling to keep his grin between his ears as he played side by side with the rocker on an awesome rendition of Sweet Child O’Mine.

Slash however, is the rock god that keeps on giving, and jammed out another classic gunners track, Paradise City, with the kids before properly meeting and taking photos with them. Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks only did one song with the cast when she joined the cast for a special performance of Rhiannon back in April.

Speaking with Rolling Stone about the jam session, Slash said, “It was really cool to meet such an enthusiastic and talented bunch of young rock ‘n’ rollers,” adding that “they were great kids as well as players”.

Catch the footage of Slash jamming with the cast of Broadway’s School Of Rock, below.

Watch: Slash Jams With The Cast Of Broadway’s ‘School Of Rock’

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