Sleeping With Sirens Invite Fan Onstage For Super Cute Proposal At Vans Warped Tour

Despite the dark times we live in, and the darker times on the horizon, post-hardcore poster boys and known wears of great hair Sleeping With Sirens have managed to promote love, while performing at Vans Warped Tour over the weekend.

Taking a slight breather from flinging their stunning hair around on stage, the band paused to welcome on stage a “special guest”, introducing himself as Jordan (John? Brendon?) After a bit of mumbling, we learn that the aforementioned special guest was “here to propose to my girlfriend.” Point to side of stage as the crowd loses their shit.

Backed by a drum roll, which would have done wonders for the dudes’ nerves, he takes a knee and with vocalist Kellin Quinn all up in his grill with the mic, he pops the question. The girlfriend pauses until prompted by Quinn to “say yes”, which she does soon after. It’s at this moment when the reality set in that, Oh GOD I hope she’s into this.

Believe it or not this somehow took “weeks” to plan between Jordan (?) and Kellin. Taking to YouTube, the newly engaged added, “Obviously she said yes! How could you not when Sleeping with Sirens and 4000+ people have your boyfriend’s back?”

Which again, guys, c’mon. You’re really putting the pressure on this poor girl.

Kellin is getting pretty good at this thing, though. He previously featured in the other ‘Most Scene Proposal Of All Time‘ for an Australian fan.

We assume this is a regular service now, so why not get the Hitch of the scene to help you pop the question? So far it seems to be a perfect hit rate.


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