Slipknot Make Sure You Won’t Be A Dork This Xmas

Tis the season when we’re forced to wear ugly-ass jumpers to celebrate the holidays. Fortunately metal champs Slipknot have stepped in with their own Christmas jumper to ensure this annual obligation no longer has to be such an embarrassing display of Xmas merriment.

The trendy outerwear will clearing show-off your loyalty to the band but is just subtle enough that witless parents should be oblivious to your satanic music leanings. If they happen to inquire as to what is a ‘slipknot’, you could pass it off as a type of festive bow.

The band’s Xmas jumper ain’t cheap at $60US, but what’s that compared to the opportunity to represent the gods of metal on Christmas morning. Perhaps while unwrapping Slipknot’s recently released fifth studio album, .5: The Gray Chapter.

Although it’ll be too hot for jumpers when Slipknot arrive for Soundwave 2015, you could be like this fan (below) and post of pic yourself rocking some Slipknot threads for all to see and envy. Slipknot Xmas jumpers available here.

Photo: Photos: Slipknot – Soundwave 2012 Sydney, 26/02/2012

Images by Olivia Hadisaputra

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