Slipknot “Make The World Worth Saving” On New Song ‘Sarcastrophe’

As the release of Slipknot’s latest album, .5: The Gray Chapter, draws closer the heavy metal band continues to release new music, this time in the form of Sarcastrophe. Let’s just say if you were feeling a little flat to begin hump day, Sarcastrophe will shock the sleep right outta ya.

Once again, you can only hear the new track on the band’s official website. The second track on .5: The Gray Chapter, Sarcastrophe is Slipknot at their most merciless. A sparse, echoing intro quickly gives way to a full-on affront on your ears that never lets up.

Frontman Corey Taylor declares the band to be “killed gods” before claiming Slipknot to be our planet’s last hope and dispensing his opposing take on the philosophy of live and let live, “We make this world worth saving / Are you prepared to be late? / Kill everything that kills you / Live long and die for me”.

Sarcastrophe is the latest in Slipknot’s drip feed of .5: The Gray Chapter. Yesterday the band made album opener XIX available to stream, with other new material Custer, The Negative One, and The Devil In I having all been put out in recent weeks.

.5: The Gray Chapter will get its Australian release this Friday, 17th October. Slipknot will follow fairly closely behind for Soundwave 2015.

Photos: Slipknot – Soundwave 2012 Sydney, 26/02/2012 / Photos by Olivia Hadisaputra

.5: The Gray Chapter Tracklist

01. XIX

02. Sarcastrophe

03. Aov

04. The Devil In I

05. Killpop

06. Skeptic

07. Lech

08. Goodbye

09. Nomadic

10. The One That Kills The Least

11. Custer

12. Be Prepared For Hell

13. The Negative One

14. If Rain Is What You Want

15. Override (Bonus Track)

16. The Burden (Bonus Track)

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