I Am Losing My Mind At This Video Of How Slipknot Would Sound As A Pop-Punk Band

A YouTuber who posts videos under the name SugarpillCovers has reimagined metal stalwarts Slipknot as a pop-punk band, sharing a far more upbeat rendition of the band’s 2008 All Hope Is Gone single ‘Sulfur’.

Rather than the abrasive heaviness of the original, here it’s traded out for melodic guitars and boppy rhythms – through the aggressive vocals remain, creating a slightly jarring combination. Anyway, it’s utterly bonkers and I love it.

The cover also comes alongside a backstory from Sugarpill, giving an explanation as to how the masked metal outfit veered towards pop-punk in the first place.

“It was 2008, Slipknot had yet to begin work on their follow up to Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses). Corey turned to Clown and said, ‘Yo Joe, this metal shtick sucks. Let’s eat some pizza and think about how we can change our sound'”, the video’s caption reads.

“Corey then added ‘Ya know, my parents just don’t understand’. Clown thought about this for awhile, and decided that he too, agreed – his parents didn’t understand either. To cut a long story short, they worked on a pop punk album for the better part of 2 years, but eventually shelved it. This is the only remaining song from what was later dubbed as the ‘before I forget (my stuffed crust) sessions.”

It’s far from the first time this YouTuber has crafted a video like this. Their channel imagines a range of other parallel universes, most involving Blink-182, such as if they were a shoegaze band or had written ‘Mr. Brightside’ by The Killers.

Watch SugarpillCovers’ pop-punk take on Slipknot, along with the original, below.

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