Slipknot’s Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan Asks Fans To Help Make Documentary On Eating Disorders

Here’s one for the “truth is stranger than fiction” category – turns out Slipknot drummer Shawn Crahan, probably better known as Clown, has a prolific second career as a documentary film maker and has called out to fans of the metal band to participate in his latest project, a film about eating disorders.

Crahan put out the word on the Slipknot website, seeking 3 men or women suffering from anorexia, bulimia or any other eating disorder, 1 over 30, 1 under 18 and 1 somewhere in-between. The 43-year-old percussionist revealed that he’s making the film as he’s come into contact with a number of people suffering from eating disorders in his life and is compelled to do what he can to help, saying:

“I know how incredibly difficult these disorders are to live with, to speak about, and to have to confront. I want to be direct, honest, and unflinching in telling your stories of struggle and triumph, failure and success as you find your path to a healthy life.”

He also warned that involvement in the film would not be a small ask:

“I warn you now that I intend to ask a great deal of you. I am not interested in telling only part of the story. I want to speak to you and film your story. I want to be positive but not condescending, to be honest, but not cruel. My hope is that your experiences will give the woman or man suffering in silence the strength to get help. My hope is that telling your story will empower you to gain control of your illness.”

Crahan’s previous film projects include a documentary on the scariest haunted house in America, an acting role in a musical short horror film called The Devil’s Carnival, and playing percussion in the horror-rock opera musical Repo! The Genetic Opera. Meanwhile, Slipknot will be playing a small handful of festival gigs over the northern hemisphere summer, and according to singer Corey Taylor, may be getting together to write new material sometime soon.

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