Slowly Slowly Release New Single And Music Video For ‘Forget You’

Slowly Slowly are back with new music, tonight sharing their latest in ‘Forget You’.

The track is a continued step forward for the Melbourne group as they explore a more melodic, pop-leaning side of their artistry, without losing any of their clever and rich lyricism.

Watch the music video for ‘Forget You’ below.

“This song feels obvious in its intention, but what you may not assume is that it is actually aimed completely inwards,” Stewart explains.

“It’s about forgetting past versions of myself, not someone else. As we all often are, I am constantly navigating my tornado of neurosis. This song touches on the notion of ‘okay starting again frommmmmmmm….now’ – how we convince ourselves it’s a new day, but when you zoom out it’s the same cycle every time. I retain hope, but often, unfortunately, am quick to write all attempts off as futile.”

It’s always been a highlight of Ben Stewart’s songwriting talent: listening to how he strikes a balance between introspection and confidence in exploring new ideas. ‘Forget You’ is an easy listen and for fans of Slowly Slowly’s newer direction, this is another vibe and a half for you to get around.

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