Smash Mouth Singer Ends Australian Festival Performance Due To Illness

Everyone’s favourite All Stars, Smash Mouth, are currently in Australia for their first local tour since 2013, however illness meant lead singer Steve Harwell had to cut a performance short over the weekend.

Performing at the Airlie Beach Festival Of Music in Queensland on Sunday night, Smash Mouth made it through two songs before an unwell Harwell had to leave the stage.

While it’s unclear what illness Harwell had come down with, a statement from festival organisers confirmed he’s on the way to recovery.

“[Harwell] was thrilled to be in Airlie Beach with us all tonight and we are grateful he was able to perform two songs,” the statement read.

“Paramedics have now examined him and while we are pleased to say he is on the road to recovery and would have wanted to continue the performance, we must unfortunately reiterate he is not able to return to the stage.”

Festival representatives have since said Smash Mouth’s Tour Manager, Roger Kristensen, has advised that Harwell rested overnight and is feeling better today.

Smash Mouth are yet to finish their Australian tour. This week, they’re scheduled to play shows in Albury, Canberra, Wollongong and Melbourne. As of right now, none of those shows have been cancelled or postponed.

After Harwell left the stage at the Airlie Beach Festival Of Music, some notable musos waiting in the wings decided to help out. Melbourne Ska Orchestra‘s Nicky Bomba, as well as Frankie J Holden, Wilbur Wilde and the remainder of Smash Mouth continued to play the band’s set, despite Harwell’s absence.

In a statement, Bomba noted how special the moment was.

“It was great that we were able to come together and celebrate the joy of music, while… making it work at the same time,” he said.

Watch a video from the performance after Harwell left the stage, and read the statement from festival organisers, below.

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