The Smith Street Band Tease New Music Coming This Year

It’s been less than a year since The Smith Street Band released their much-frothed fourth studio album, More Scared of You Than You Are of Me, but the ‘Death The Lads’ lads are already teasing fresh tunes.

The lads are shooting to have a brand-spanking new single out by the end of 2018, with another album to follow early next year.

“We’ve just got a property about an hour out of Melbourne, in the bush, in the forest, and we’re building a recording studio out here and I’m living out here,” frontman Wil Wagner tells The Music.

“The aim is to build a recording studio that us and all of our friends’ bands can use, then you can come and stay here and write, and get a retreat basically going for people.

“That’s sort of our main priority over the next little while is we’re going to build a studio here and then Smith Street will record here in the middle of the year and then that’ll be, I guess, that’ll be done around the start of winter, and then we’ll start looking for more bands to come out here and work here.”

Wagner goes on to confirm that Smith Street’s mid-year recording sesh means a new album should hopefully arrive in the first half of 2019.

“That’s the aim, but that’s a year away and there’s always going to be things that pop up, so that’s kind of our general plan at the moment…” he continues.

“So yeah, I don’t want to say definitely, just in case things get in the way but the plan at the moment is to try and have new music out, like a new song or something out, by the end of the year and a new album out the start of next year. Yeah, hopefully! But who knows, we could fuck the studio up and go broke and who knows…”

Let’s bloody hope not.

Until then, while you wait for fresh musical offerings from the Smith Street crew, you can catch them legging it around the country on their biggest tour ever, which kicks off tonight in Melbourne with their monster Pool House Party Festival.

And once that wraps up, Wagner could be coming to play at your house if that’s something you’re keen on.

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