Sniffer Dogs Unleashed On Gold Coast Big Day Out

Police have informed punters that they will intensify Sniffer Dog operations at the Big Day Out festival at the Gold Coast today. Police have continued to ignore complaints from the public all summer regarding sniffer dogs and the dangers they can cause at Music Festivals.

Gold Coast District Officer, Superintendent Paul Ziebarth said:

Police arrested 67 people for drug related offences last year and we intend to intensify our focus of the drug detection dog operation to reduce the consequences of alcohol and drug related violence and harm.

Police offer the following tips to people attending the festival:

• Don’t drink alcohol before the event.

• If you are unduly intoxicated then you will not be allowed to enter the licensed event.

• If you take alcohol onto the venue you could expect a $500 fine for breaching conditions of entry to licensed venue as well as forfeiting your entry ticket.

• Police will conduct an early intervention operation to ensure people attending the festival do not consume liquor on the way to the venue.

Police would like to re-enforce to the public that drinking in a public unlicensed place is illegal and anyone caught may face on-the-spot fines starting at $100.

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