Snoop Dogg Busted At Airport With Drugs And Cash

After departing the aircraft in Oslo, Norway, hip hop godfather Snoop Dogg was picked up by sniffer dogs who recovered 8 grams of weed and a suspicious amount of cash.

According to The Sun UK, the 40-year-old Calvin Broadus was visiting Norway for a scheduled performance at a hip hop festival to be held in the capitol of Oslo. Snoop was arrested but was released, so he ended up making it to the performance. I wonder what he said to the police to get out of that: ‘It’s cool, I’m Snoop Dogg’.

This isn’t the first time the rap star has been in hot water over such issues. His career, albiet extensive and highly respectable, is peppered with instances of arrests and drama over possession. I suppose having his image doesn’t make it easy to smuggle weed into places.

Snoop was recently featured in the high school, coming-of-age stoner comedy Mac and Devin Go to Highschool.

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