Snoop Dogg Calls ‘Racial Profiling’ Following Brief Drug Arrest In Sweden

Snoop Dogg has vowed never to return to Sweden, after he was briefly arrested on suspicion of drug use following a concert there.

The rapper documented the whole encounter in a series of expletive-laden Instagram videos, in which he alleges that his arrest was motivated by racial profiling.

“They made me pee in a cup – didn’t find shit,” D-O-double-G explained. “Fuck y’all.”

As The Guardian reports, the 43-year-old hip-hop icon and recent Iggy Azelea fan was taken into Swedish police custody following his concert on Saturday night, after an officer pulled him over and suspected he was intoxicated.

“Police carrying out roadside controls noticed that Snoop Dogg seemed to be under the influence of narcotics,” a police spokesperson told the publication. “He was arrested and taken to the police station to take a urine test.”

“The incident lasted several minutes,” the spokesperson continued. “Once the test was carried out, he left.”

But Snoop Dizzle was less than impressed. “I don’t know what country we in but they sweatin’ us,” he announced in the first of his five NSFW Insta-blasts.

In a second video, apparently recorded from the back of a police car, Snoop claims, “I ain’t did nothing. All I did was came to this country and did a concert, and now I got to go to the police station for nothing.”

A drug test will determine whether or not Snoop’s lion (sorry), but the results will take about two weeks to clear. If it turns out the rapper was under the influence of drugs, the case will be handed over to a prosector.

Despite Snoop’s allegations that race played a factor in his arrest, the Swedish police spokesperson told People Magazine, “This has nothing to do with racism, not at all.”

Check out Snoop’s Insta-documentation of the whole thing, below.

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