Snoop Dogg Could Be Sued For Publicly Shaming Uber Eats Driver

Snoop Dogg – the face of Menulog/Just Eat – had an unsatisfactory experience with Uber Eats last month. The LA hip hop artist was so peeved at not receiving his food that he posted pictures of his text exchange with the offending Uber Eats driver to Instagram.

Snoop is one of music’s most prolific Instagram users. He uses the app in a similar way to how most people use Twitter – i.e. to post any old thing that pops into his mind. On Thursday, 27th January this year, Snoop posted an 11 second video of a text exchange with a Los Angeles Uber Eats driver named Sayd.

In the since-removed video Snoop can be heard saying, “Uber Eats didn’t bring my fucking food,” while filming his phone to display the messages between himself and Sayd.

Sayd’s first message says, “I’ve arrived.” He then says, “Hello,” “Plz call not sure where to leave your order.” Eight minutes after sending the first message, Sayd says, “This is not a safe place.” This final message leads Snoop, in his Instagram video, to say, “Punk motherfucker. Give me my food.”

According to CBS Los Angeles, Snoop’s Instagram post gained more than four million views and twelve thousand comments. Uber responded in a statement, writing, “We truly regret Snoop Dogg’s frustrating experience. We have reached out to apologise and refunded him for the order.”

However, Sayd – who won’t disclose his last name – is now threatening legal action for having his personal information (i.e. his picture and first name) shared with Snoop’s 70 million Instagram followers. Speaking to CBS LA, Sayd said he followed Uber Eats’ protocol, waiting eight minutes before cancelling the order.

But he says he’s received no apology from Uber Eats and hasn’t worked for the company since learning of his public shaming.

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