Snoop Dogg Has Now Launched His Own Nature Documentary Series, ‘Planet Snoop’

The motherfuckin’ D-O-double-G is back narrating some serious nature in his new documentary series, Planet Snoop.

Snoop Dogg launched the spinoff after his Jimmy Kimmel Live Plizzanet Earth segment became so popular that more than 50,000 people signed a petition to have Snoop Deezy replace Sir David Attenborough as the official narrator for a season of his award-winning BBC Planet Earth series.

And now Tha Doggfather has cottoned on the winning combo of critically acclaimed nature footage being overdubbed by his own dank musings, and he’s giving the people more of what they want.


The first episode of Planet Snoop is called Squirrel Vs. Snake and sees Snoop Dizzle narrate an epic brawl between – well, yeah.

But I dunno. For some reason it’s just not as beer-spray-out-your-nose hilar as his previous work on Plizzanet Earth.

For one thing, there’s this bizarre canned laugh track running the whole time. And for another, it almost seems like Snoop is – maybe – trying too hard?

One of the reasons why Plizzanet Earth was such funny shit was because Snoop seemed to have been thrust into the role of nature host without him really knowing WTF was going on. He was clearly confused about the whole thing but just rolled with it and the natural results were a rib-splitting series golden LOL nuggets.


But look, Planet Earth is basically every respectable stoner’s ultimate TV experience anyway, so add the D-O-double-G to the mix when you’re blazing up a storm (look, we can’t control what you kids do) and this will probably still be tha comedy shiznit.

Watch Snoop Dogg do his own laundry by narrating Squirrel Vs. Snake in Planet Snoop, below, courtesy of Merry Jane productions.

Watch: Planet Snoop – Squirrel Vs. Snake

Watch: Plizzanet Earth – Otters Vs. Crocs

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