Snoop Dogg Trys His Hand At EDM, Meet DJ Snoopadelic

One minute he’s Snoop Dogg, then he’s Snoop Lion, now he’s DJ Snoopadelic. But, as deeply confused as Snoop…whatever he is now….may be about his personality, at least he’s still making good music. Under the guise of DJ Snoopadelic, Snoop has released his first attempt at EDM, titled Loose Joints. I see some things will never change.

Acting as a sign of respect for what appears to be his new found love of the electronic movement, Snoop put it to his Facebook fans, asking which tracks they would like to appear on his compilation. After thousands of suggestions, he’s put together a list of 12 tracks that were his favourite. Collaborations on the release include works from the likes of Seth Cohen, French Fries, Jokers of the Scene and RudeTOON Records label boss Beateaz.

Despite what you may think, it actually seems to be a very well-constructed tracklist, scoping all sorts of corners of the EDM world. The whole thing is up for download and stream through Datpiff and you can check it out right here.

So I’m guessing this is just a quick recess before he gets stuck into his newly found reggae persona, and you can’t help but wonder what weird and whacky surprise the hip hop icon will present us next. Snoopcore? Snoopstep? Instrumental progressive post death Snoop? I’m having too much fun with this, I’ll stop. But on a serious note, it’s looking like there will be a collab with Boyz Noise at some point, which Stoney Roads believe we’ll see on their upcoming album Out of the Black.

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