Some Genius Mashed Up Kendrick Lamar & Childish Gambino For A Bonkers Mixtape

Kendrick Lamar and Childish Gambino are at the peak of the rap pyramid right now, so it only makes sense that when you put the two together, it’s earth shattering.

No, they haven’t collaborated exactly. Instead, a genius producer by the name of Najvyexi has mixed together Kendrick’s bars with instrumentals from Gambino’s last record Because The Internet, and the result is amazing.

There’s Sweatpants blended with Backseat Freestyle, Pink Toes under Poetic Justice, and plenty more seamless melding.

Kendrick and Gambino have never officially collaborated on either of their records, but K.Dot did sample Gambino’s You Know Me on his track Look Out For Detox, so this latest mixtape has only increased our hunger for an official collaboration.

It’s also pretty good way to pass the time while waiting for Gambino’s highly anticipated third album Pharos, which is due for release sometime this week.

Gambino is due to touch down in the country over NYE to play Falls Festival and Field Day. Presumably he’ll be armed with some new music from the album by then.

Until then, dig into this mixtape and wish and hope that they actually do hop in the studio together.

Listen: good boy, d.E.E.p Web

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