Somebody Turned Kanye’s ‘Yeezus’ Into Christmas Album ‘Kreezus’

Looking for the perfect Christmas soundtrack that’s at once hard-hitting and undeniably festive? Then look no further than Kreezus, a Christmas album based entirely on Kanye West‘s 2013 acclaimed record Yeezus.

The jolly parody album is the brainchild of Los Angeles-based sketch comedy trio Local Business Comedy who actually re-wrote every track on Kanye’s sixth studio album with Christmas-themed lyrics. Songs like I Am a God become I Am a Claus, New Slaves is New Sleighs and Hold My Liquor brilliantly becomes Hold My Eggnog.

Then there’s their take on the now infamous Kanye song Bound 2, now reimagined as Wrapped 2, which begins with the lines, “I know you’re tired of wrappin, of wrappin’/ With nobody to gift/ Nobody, nobody”.

You can stream the entire album via Soundcloud below whilst putting the final touches to your Christmas wrapping. We may not have gotten an official album from Kanye this year, but this is a pretty good consolation.

Listen: Kreezus

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