Someone Spent Time Mashing Up Kendrick Lamar’s ‘King Kunta’ With The Super Mario Bros Theme

Melbourne SoundCloud user VictoryLaptop has made a lot of the internet very happy after uploading a mash up of Kendrick Lamar‘s track King Kunta and Koji Kondo’s timeless piece of video game music, the Super Mario Bros theme.

Yeah, it’s been a pretty slow news day.

Titling it Kendrick Lamario Bros (because what else would you call it), the track has already received over 66,500 plays on SoundCloud in 4 days.

While one user commented that “all you did is cut the lows on a non-instrumental version and sloppily threw it on top of the Mario theme” it would seem that for the most part the internet has greeted the mash up well.

Wasting no time, the world wide web was fast to respond with its traditional ritual of acceptance – a barrage of puns. Including the golden yet obvious “King Koopa” and “It’s Me, Lamario”, I’ve really been left with very few options for original contributions to the story.

I was thinking “To Pipe A Butterfly” maybe? You know cos Mario travels by pipe? Anyone?


I’ll just let myself out.

You can listen to the mashup here below.

Listen: VictoryLaptop – Kendrick Lamario Bros

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