Songs leaked: Marina Diamandis gets the police involved

We recently spoke with Marina Diamandis of Marina and the Diamonds on During the Falls festival when she was in a good mood. Last week an unknown source leaked two of the tracks from her second upcoming album due to be released in October and now she is in a bad mood. It seems that it has effected her creative juices and she has contacted the police. In a blogpost on website she states that it could now be upto 5 years before the new album comes out.

‘Sex Yeah’ is one of the leaked tracks and allthough most sites have taken the stream down currently you can still stream the track here


The new album is not going to be out this year. I don’t know when it will be out because I don’t know when I will finish it. It could be 1 or 5 years. The more leaks that happen, the slower I go. As you can imagine, the thought of people invading my privacy and listening to half-assed unfinished songs that I write at 3am on a tour bus does not make me feel too relaxed or creative.

I know that the intentions behind listening to leaked songs are innocent. I don’t even mind if you listen to them! But just so you know, in doing so, you are now supporting the idea that nobody has the right to basic privacy. And by nobody, that means you too, somewhere down the line, later in your life when you will have forgotten about this blog post.

Don’t wanna make anyone feel guilty or moralise, as people are free to do whatever they like at the end of the day, and I will still love you, whatever you like to do! But you need to know that the guys who are leaking my songs are grim & unworthy characters.We are feeding their egos and all the while, they are laughing at both you and I, whilst their sites get attention and they claim “kudos” in hacker forums, as creativity grinds to an anxiety-ridden halt.

When we’re listening to “x” leaked song play on Youtube, the song has been sold on to people willing to pay money to spread them & gain revenue in other ways across sites. So, I guess you and I are now endorsing their crappy, shitty lifestyles. I know you support me but it will baffle me if you support people of this nature.

Have read lots of your comments about listening to leaked songs and that it doesn’t matter because you’ll buy the album regardless. I can see your point. Definitely.. But I still believe that a concept and vision should be completed before one shares it with people. Not in weird, incoherent, diluted scraps. For those of you who were fans before I released TFJ, you know that I do & will share and show you stuff when I’m ready. I mean.. I gave most of my first album away in demos! It is not fair on me to have to worry that every time i put an idea down, it is going to be stolen and then supported for being stolen.

Haven’t asked you for anything directly before but I would like to. I am asking for you to protect me. I rely on you guys heavily- and transparently- and I need your help. You’re the only ones who control whether things stop or spread. I have the police involved, so if you know information about the people who are doing this, you can message me, if you’d like to. i have waxed lyrical to Warner about how incredible you are and I have faith in you on this.

Not angry, at all.. I guess that is life. But they are going to get caught and I am just asking for basic privacy to work. My album is in the very early stages and will continue to be for a while.

Thank you for what you’re doing every day for me and other fans and for what you have given me so far. Am v lucky girl. Whether you remain a fan for an album or for life, I am indebted to each one of you in a different way.

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