You Could Soon Be Sleeping Over At The Sydney Opera House

Too tired to make the journey home after a late night gig at the Sydney Opera House? Well, pretty soon you could be able to curl up right where you are to catch those sweet Zzz’s, coz the SOH has just lodged an application to facilitate it’s very own ‘sleep-overs’.


If the proposal gets the big tick, Sydney-dwellers and visitors will be able to spend the night inside the iconic venue, with a proposal for a number of its office and foyer areas to be converted into temporary accommodation where folks can spend the night.

As the ABC reports, said slumber parties will potentially take place throughout six areas of the Opera House: the Board Room, Utzon Room, Joan Sutherland Theatre Northern Foyers, Joan Sutherland Theatre Southern Foyer, Concert Hall Northern Foyers and Concert Hall South Foyers.

Sydneysiders have been asked their thoughts on the idea to offer five guests up to two nights of accommo, five times per year. The Opera House also wants to propose giving 100 guests two nights of slumber party fun once a year.

According to the DA’s Environmental Impact Statement, “wants to provide a unique opportunity for the community to experience the iconic Sydney Opera House in new and innovative ways”.

This seed for this innovative idea was planted when the Sydney Opera House held Max Richter’s ‘Sleep’ as part of Vivid Festival earlier this year. During this 8 hour performance, 158 guests were provided with bedding while a contemporary ensemble live music throughout the night (see pic below).

The Environmental Impact Statement is on display for public comment from today up until 24th October.

As far as we know, it doesn’t offer any insights as to whether or not urban legends about the iconic venue being haunted by an Opera ghost are indeed true.

We here at Music Feeds feel as though it would be relevant to ascertain this information before the community can confidently decide whether hosting sleepovers is a good idea.

Max Richter Sleep 2016 Instagram

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