Sound Of Silence: Music Industry Launches Support Campaign

A bunch of key players in the music industry have banded together to create Sound of Silence. Sound of Silence in an initiative launched by labels, radio stations, booking companies, and more.

The initiative aims to save our music industry. They’re wanting to aid and replace some of the millions upon millions of dollars of lost income to our artists, music professionals, and the workers we need to make these shows happen.

I Lost My Gig is tracking the devastation to the music industry. As of 3pm yesterday, the tally was up to $200 million lost from postponements and cancellations caused by COVID-19.

Sound of Silence is working to get money back in the pockets of those who are struggling.

Support Act’s Clive Miller says, “Artist crew and music workers are facing a bleak and uncertain future and are also some of the most vulnerable with regards to mental wellbeing.

“Please help us to support our music workers through this difficult period and help them be in a position to bounce back louder and prouder than ever once the pandemic has passed.”

“I think we are all feeling a lot of the same feelings right now. Upset, worried, stressed, uncertain and unsure. And we’re all just trying to understand what’s happening and adjust as new information rolls in,” said Alice Skye.

“The devastation COVID-19 is causing and the cracks in our system it’s exposing is a lot to take in. And I’m not sure things will “return to normal” – but it feels like a good time to reassess what matters and I think ultimately we could come out of this stronger as a community.”

Many artists and music fans alike have pointed out that just a couple of months ago, we saw these artists band together to help us. The 2020 bushfires saw a range of fundraiser gigs go ahead to raise money to help our firies and our wildlife. You can see some of the stories here.

Now, it’s time to support them.

Here’s how Sound of Silence says you can help

If you can spare the money, donate to Support Act here.

You can buy a T-shirt from Sound of Silence and read more about the initiative here.

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Find more ways through I Lost My Gig

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