Soundgarden “In The Middle Of Writing Songs” For New Album

Once again, signs of heat have begun to pulsate from Camp Soundgarden with the band dropping a pretty tasty morsel of information about their next studio effort. In an interview, it was revealed that the album is slowly, but surely, becoming a reality.

Speaking to The Hartford Courant, enigmatic frontman Chris Cornell cut straight to the chase, explaining, “Soundgarden is in the middle of writing songs.” The tracks would be the first batch of new material since King Animal. Hard to believe it’s already been four years since that dropped.

Cornell was even good enough to put a rough timeline on when we will be hearing this album. The beloved frontman is currently gallivanting on tour in support of his solo adventure but will be heads down, bums up in the studio with the boys the moment they return. Cornell adds

“After this tour the songs will become real and we’ll put an album out. There’s much more to Soundgarden. I get to play with my band and I get to go solo. It’s great for me.”

He’s right; Cornell really does have the best of both worlds. His last solo album Higher Truth dropped as recently as last year.

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