Soundwave 2012 Sydney – Live Updates, Photos, Interviews

Soundwave 2012 continues today in Sydney, after a huge event at the RNA Showgrounds in Brisbane yesterday. Despite the threat of rain, people are readily turning up for another day of massive Soundwave action, kicking off in the morning on Stage 7 with Holy Grail, and ending tonight with System of a Down on the main stage.

Today we’ll be doing live updates, photos and video interviews as the day goes on.

Interview List: Hyro Da Hero, Fireworks, Chimaira, Zebrahead, Coal Chamber, Saves the Day, Steel Panther, The Smoking Hearts, Bad Religion, Cobra Starship, Dashboard Confessional, Black Veil Brides, Machine Head, Madina Lake

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Live Updates

23:24pm That completes our coverage of Soundwave today. We hope you have enjoyed it as much as us. Thanks to all the bands who took the time to chat with us today. A very BIG thank you to the entire Soundwave 2012 crew for looking after us all day. – Music Feeds
23:17pm Interview with Black Veil Brides

22:58pm Interview with Machine Head

22:45pm Photos: Slipknot on Main Stage

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22:25pm Interview with Madina Lake

22:01pm System Of A Down: You can tell by the smiles on their faces that even the members of System Of A Down are surprised by how many fans they have in Sydney, with 20,000+ screaming every word right back at them. Teasing the crowd as they opened with flashes of light, glimpses of the band and pulses of guitar and drums, it all of a sudden hit and boom we were watching the great System Of A Down live in our city for the first time in years and years. Many of us thought we’d never have the chance to see The Prison Song, BYOB, Toxicity and all the rest. Though the band had previously dismembered, there was no sign of angst in the band who were tight, note for note and just as amazing as I always imaged SOAD would be. Day made. – Mike Hohnen

20:35pm Slipknot have once again reminded us why they are still kings of the scene and one of the few relevant Nu-Metal bands left. With a insanely dynamic stage show featuring fireworks, explosions and of coarse the masks we all known and love. There was a noticeable void however where departed bass player Paul Grey once stood, though ever the performers, the show went on. Thrashing out older tunes such as ‘Wait And Bleed’, new tunes including ‘Psychosocial’ and everything in-between. The massive 8 man line up gave everyone something to look at at all times. It was a huge 90 minute set masterfully broken up with banter and antics. Sure, there was hundreds of topless bogan’s but everyone was enjoying themselves and for such angry, hate-filled, aggressive music…there were a lot of smiling fans in the crowd. – Mike Hohnen

20:15pm Marilyn Manson was booed off stage
19:55pm Fred Durst has slams Big Day Out during his set

19:15pm Photos: Tonight Alive on Stage 3

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19:05pm Interview with Cobra Starship

18:49pm Photos: Cobra Starship on Stage 3

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18:45pm Interview with Steel Panther

18:13pm Interview with Coal Chamber

18:03pm Photos: Shadows Fall on Stage 4

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17:48pm Limp Bizkit: This was totally the band to see today, with the hyped up tribute performance of a band who even the Soundwave Promoter said no one in the right mind would book again for a festival, the fans were pouring and pouring in. With no fucking around the whole band came out, DJ Lethal looked as though he was going to have a heart attack from jumping around so much and Durst looked like he was going to break a hip. But their sound was tight and they looked more than comfortable on stage in front of an Aussie crowd they haven’t seen in a while. Not being known for the music abilities, the show had such a high novelty value and was a super badass start to the headlining acts. – Mike Hohnen
17:47pm Interview with The Smoking Hearts

17:45pm Trivium: The first thing you notice about Trivium is that they never seem to get older or look any different…but who cares, they totally dominate. Playing in front of one of the biggest crowds I’ve seen today, they are truly masters of their art. Like Light To The Flies was an obvious crowd favourite, taking us all back to the good old days. Matt Heafy was an electric front man as, keeping the huge crowd enthralled, running to the side of the stage, standing on speakers, there was no stopping that kid from putting on a fucking awesome performance. Another awesome highlight of the day. – Mike Hohnen
17:41pm Interview with Bad Religion

17:38pm Interview with Saves The Day

17:01pm Interview with Fireworks

16:42pm Interviewing Coal Chamber!!

16:30pm Interview with Zebrahead

15:50pm Photos: Fireworks on Stage 5

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15:45pm Four Year Strong: These guys totally killed it. Perfectly selected set list covering all of their albums. Without a dedicated vocalist, rather having both guitarists singing, they run the risk of losing stage presence but not this time! Running, jumping, screaming these guys do it all in their own trashy, hilarious and candid style. Pure raw talent on display here folks, Easily a highlight. – Mike Hohnen
15:45pm Underoath: This is a band I’ve listen to for many many years now and whilst I have the upmost respect for these guys as artists as well as their music, I have to say their set was so far the let down of the day. Reason the 1st: No one wants to hear the new album. We want the classics from They’re Only Chasing Safety and Define The Great Line, those are the anthems we want to scream to, and those are the lyrics people got tattooed. Disambiguation, albeit a finely produced, well oiled machine doesn’t contain these anthems. Reason the 2nd: Putting one of the original Post-Hardcore acts on one of the smallest stages? What’s up with that? Half the crowd can’t see and the half that can is way too cramped and can hardly move. Rant over. – Mike Hohnen
15:40pm Soundwave Promoter AJ Maddah is furious at the Police and Venue Operators
15:33pm Slash sighting!

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15:00pm Dream On Dreamer: I havent had a chance to catch these guys since their adventures in the USA but boy have their gotten good! Playing tunes from their EP as well as their full length they had the whole crowd eating out of their hands. A tough set for the boys to play, with a time slot that clashes with some of the best bands the world has to offer they still managed to pull a hell of a lot of people. I take my had off to their sound guy who is juggling so many things at once and keeping the band sounding dope. – Mike Hohnen
14:50pm You Me At Six: Its hard to remember that these guys are still younglings, after all they work that crowd like people who have been doing this for twice as long. With their ‘Sinners Never Sleep’ banners up high and the crowd singing every single word its hard to not get caught up in the action. And after the front man brought out his folks onto the stage, having flown them down to Sydney just for this event it really shows it hasn’t gone to their heads, involving the crowd in not only their music but also their personal lives! Legends. – Mike Hohnen
14:40pm Interview with Chimaira

14:30pm Interview with Hyro Da Hero

14:20pm Photos: Steel Panther On The Main Stage


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14:09pm What a cool set! Potentially the underdogs of the festival so far, Fireworks drew a relatively small crowd to their stage but those who went knew every word. Being sure to thank the fans every chance they got, the lads couldn’t keep the smiles off their faces. Slamming out their groovy brand of melodic pop punk, they had kids jumping, head banging and a massive circle pit. Great times had by all it seems! – Mike Hohnen
14:05pm Soundwave fans
13:40pm Saves The Day Interview!!

13:29pm Interviewing Zebrahead – One man down due to injury!

13:24pm Entered the main stage to catch California glam rockers Steel Panther as a boy and left as a man. Each member is as charismatic and out of control as the last, this band oozes sex appeal like no one else and frankly I was a little aroused…You couldn’t tell these cats were in their mid 50’s by the on-stage antics they are pulling let alone the banter with the massive crowd. Why did their set have to finish? WHY? Another two hours wouldn’t have been enough. – Mike Hohnen
13:15pm Just interviewed Chimaira, who told me about how they love Australia cos of the swearing, especially the fact they can say cunt. They’re particularly fond of the term sick cunt, even though, as they point out, to people from the states it probably sounds more like something that would take you to the doctor rather than a term of endearment. – Mikey Carr

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12:50pm Chatting with Chimaira

12:29pm First Interview with Hyro Da Hero – Video up soon

12:07pm Kicking off Soundwave Sydney this morning with the punk rock rappers Zebrahead. Nothing is too far for these old geezers, making drinks to punters, insulting the crowd but looking so good as they do it. Keeping it fresh with tunes from their latest album Get Nice while keeping their ‘party time?…All the time!’ mantra alive with their classics. Great vibe and an awesome way to start the greatest day of 2012! – Mike Hohnen
11:03am Looks like Slash will be appearing with Alter Bridge this afternoon
10:44am Threatening rain as we turn up – who cares it’s time for Soundwave!!
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