Soundwave Adelaide 2013 – Timetable, Map And Transport Information

Alright, Adelaide – it’s your one day of the year of Soundwave awesomeness! Bonython Park is going to be jam-packed as the biggest festival of the summer descends upon your fine city, with Metallica, Linkin Park, Blink-182, Garbage, A Perfect Circle, Slayer, Bullet For My Valentine and truckloads more leading the pack.

Music Feeds has put together all the bits of information you need to have a killer day – all on this one handy page.

Firstly, the all-important timetable. It’s been changed several times following the “whingefest” about all the clashes which promoter AJ Maddah received through his infamous Twitter account. The final version is attached at the bottom of the page.

Next is the map, which is below the timetable. It’ll make sure you won’t be stumbling around aimlessly wondering where the main stages, merch tents, food outlets and bars are. Allow at least 5 minutes to get between stages – and if you want to be up front to see the main stage headliners, especially on stages 1A and 1B, stake out your spot mega early to avoid being shut out of the D-Barrier or in some sort of crowd crush.

And finally, below both of these, you’ll find the transport information to make sure you get to Soundwave and back without any major dramas. For all other Soundwave Adelaide information, visit the festival’s ‘About’ page.

Have a sweet day, and we suggest you bookmark this page to avoid any headaches!

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There is very limited parking around Bonython Park, so organisers suggest punters take public transport.

A number of buses travel past Bonython Park along Port Rd, including 115-118, 150-157 and 287-288. Buses B10-B12 travel along Port Rd/George St. Check out the full timetables for each of these routes at

A free tram will be operating to and from Soundwave every 10 minutes for the duration of the event along Port Rd. During peak times, the frequency will change to every 8 minutes.

A parent drop-off/pick-up point is located on James Condon Drive, opposite the Ice Arena.

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