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Soundwave Have Revealed Their Surprise Supergroup

Written by James Arnold-Garvey on January 9, 2015

After three lineup announcements and a few grab bag additions, the Soundwave lineup is now complete. Promoter AJ Maddah has delivered on his promise to add a second supergroup to this year’s festival, announcing Terror Universal as the final piece in the Soundwave 2015 puzzle.

Terror Universal bill themselves as a horror metal band. Featuring current and ex members of Machine Head, Soulfly and Ill Niño, the members prefer to keep their identities secret. They perform with masks on, and go only by the names Rott, Diabolus, Thrax and Massacre. Ill Niño members Dave Chavarri and Ahrue Luster are reportedly two of the four members. Ill Niño played Soundwave in 2014.

The band officially announced their arrival the day before Maddah teased their inclusion on the lineup. “We are here to inflict terror and fear upon the masses. Our thirst for blood is eternal,” drummer Massacre said in a statement. Lead guitarist Diabolus said, “We are everything that you loath and we are everything that you fear.”

Maddah has constantly reminded fans on Twitter that the supergroup would be “brand-new”, and though that’s not technically correct — Terror Universal supported Ill Niño on tour in November — they are virtually unknown outside of Europe and are yet to release their debut EP, Reign Of Terror. Hear their only released track, Welcome To Hell, below.

UPDATE: Soundwave have revealed their 2015 set times!

Watch: Terror Universal – Welcome To Hell

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