Soundwave Promoter Furious At Police & Venue Operators In Sydney

In what seems to be another incident of Police getting high on their power, NSW Police have banned Soundwavers from bringing bottled water into the Sydney venue. Soundwave Promoter AJ Maddah has voice his opinion on this via his always active twitter account:

@iamnotshouting: NSW Police have decided, on very short notice, not to allow full bottles of water into the. Showgrounds. Feel free to ask them why.

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This is a dangerous sign following recent incidents of police flexing their muscles at Big Day Out and the Cricket resulting in massive fallout. AJ has also tweeted his anger at the fact they are not letting under 18’s in without a written note from parents:

@iamnotshouting: If you are over 18, please write to your local MP and The Premier & register your complaint #SW12

Signing off his last tweet with “This is bullshit”

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Stay tuned for all the latest at the Sydney let of the Soundwave Festival 2012 where hopefully the their absolute power has not absolutely corrupted the NSW Police attending.

Updated: Maddah’s not only aiming his frustation at the police, but also venue operators following his latest shout out:

@iamnotshouting:: If you’re not yet at Sydney #SW12 I suggest you eat and drink before coming in. Venue operators are highly incompetent.

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