Updated: Soundwave Revolution Cancelled?

Has the mysterious Soundwave Revolution festival been cancelled? Rumour has it that it might, according to Drummer for LA hair metal band Steel Panther Stix Zadinia, after he sent out a tweet stating that “Soundwave revolution is cancelled. I am bummed.”


– Statement has been released:

It is with great sadness that we announce the cancellation of the Revolution Festival.

Many of the festival bands will still be coming to Australia in that time period and team up to bring you some very special shows. These will include multi band/mini festival line-ups in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. We will be announcing these events in the next 7 days.

Tickets purchased online will be refunded automatically as soon as it can be processed. If you purchased from an outlet, refunds will be available next week from point of purchase.

– Aj Maddah has officially cancelled Soundwave Revolution via a Nova969 radio announcement.

– Alice Cooper’s people know nothing about it

We are seeing the same rumors, though we haven’t heard anything from anyone official. We will reach out and see if there is any truth to this. Either way, I’m told that worst case scenario if the Soundwave shows were to be cancelled, we would likely continue with our own Australian shows and probably fill in other performances in place of the Soundwave shows. That guy deleted his posts about it, so perhaps he was wrong. Will post when we know something

– Rumours contrary to this rumour, it could it be publicity stunt? New bands being announced!?

– We’ve been told an official announcement from organisers is coming soon.

No other band appear to be talking about any cancellations

Although he doesn’t sound exactly clear on whether or not it’s the truth. Just got word from our management that the whole festival is cancelled. I hope I’m wrong but I was told it’s official. Anyone hear same?. Then later tweeting “Ok. Let’s start over fuckers. Don’t panic. Let’s all pretend I didn’t hear from our manager that swr is officially cancelled. U good now?”

A second announcement was supposed to come early last week, but was delayed two times after promoter AJ Maddah claimed he had to sort out some paper work with a few of the new acts.

So far there is no confirmation from organisers.

Soundwave Revolution popped up out of nowhere earlier this year, announcing headline acts such as Van Halen and Alice Cooper. Run by the same people who do the annual Soundwave Festival.

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