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Spice Girls Manager Reportedly Says They Could Reunite As A Four-Piece

The Spice Girls tour reunion was on and then it was off but now it looks like it could be back on again without one of the girls.

The group’s manager Simon Fuller has reportedly told TMZ that a reunion, “may be four, not five. Possibly.”

He didn’t give any further indication as to which bandmate would not partake but Victoria Beckham AKA. Posh Spice has repeatedly shut down the chance of a reunion tour.

“I’m not going on tour. The girls aren’t going on tour,” she told Vogue last month, dashing all fan’s hopes.

A source has further told The Sun that they are looking at doing big one-off shows rather than a huge tour.

“When they got back together this month to discuss reforming, a mammoth tour was dismissed by the majority,” the source said.

“But performing together again certainly wasn’t, so the idea of playing a few huge shows in various cities was one that received the most interest.”

The girls have reportedly been invited to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding sparking rumours that they will perform but nothing has been confirmed.

The five girls met up earlier this year to discuss “many exciting possibilities” but as of yet no specifics have been revealed.

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