Spilt Milk, Lost Paradise, Mountain Sounds & Return To Rio Score Bacardi El Coco Party Lineups

A whole bunch of amazing electronic acts are being added to string of festivals across the country this summer, courtesy of Bacardi.

A stacked lineup of artists, including New Zealand’s Frank Booker, CLYPSO, Shantan Wantan Ichiban, Ebony Boadu, Lady Erica, Amrita Hepi and loads more, will be taking on festivals like Spilt Milk, Return To Rio, Mountain Sounds and Lost Paradise as part of Bacardi’s El Coco Parties.

There’ll be a slightly different lineup for each of these festivals, but they’ll be turning the party notch up to 11. Only the first two lineups – Return To Rio and Spilt Milk – have been announced so far.

Return To Rio, happening from Friday, 9th – Sunday, 11th November, will sport acts like Frank Booker, Ariane, Lady Erica and Maia Bilyk at their El Coco Party. Spilt Milk, happening the following week on Saturday, 17th November, will feature a lineup including CLYPSO, Ebony Boadu and Shantan Wantan Ichiban.

Check out both parties’ full lineups below.

Bacardi El Coco Return To Rio Full Lineup

El Coco House Band
Frank Booker (NZ)
Garage Pressure
Lady Erica
Maia Bilyk
Soul Of Sydney DJs
Bad Deep DJs

Bacardi El Coco Spilt Milk Full Lineup

El Coco House Band
Shantan Wantan Ichiban
Ebony Boadu
Jade Zoe
Amrita Hepi

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