Splendour 2012 Lineup Announcement Update

The Splendour In The Grass organisers have confirmed they will not reveal the lineup with the ‘Drip Feed’ method we have seen from other festivals this year. A fan asked the festival on Facebook if they would be using the dreaded ‘Drip Feed’ method, to which they replied:

“Haven’t done it in the past, not about to start. Maybe you’re confusing us with another festival. For the last two years Splendour has made one official lineup announcement for the main stages. Prior to that we used to do two main stage lineup announcements. Please wait for the OFFICIAL lineup announcement in a few weeks and don’t take the many unofficial “announcements” and “confirmations” as anything but conjecture and speculation until you get the good word from Splendour itself.”

However, it seems they will still be spreading the announcement over 3 hours on the triple j Breakfast Show. When the fan informed them this was actually the format he dreaded, they replied:

“Oh that. No problems, we’ll suggest they find an auctioneer or a racecaller to do it this year”.

The official Splendour In The Grass lineup is expected to be announced next week.

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