Splendour & Falls Festival Just Got Closer To Securing A Location For 2018 & 2019

UPDATE 12/09/2017: North Byron Parklands will remain the home of Splendour and Falls festivals until 2019 after the current trial was approved to be extended by a period of 20 months.

ORIGINAL STORY: Two of Australia’s largest music festivals — Splendour In The Grass and Falls Festival — have come a step closer to securing a location for upcoming events in 2018 and 2019.

North Byron Parklands, the current home of Splendour and Falls, has just had a big win which could help it secure the rights to hold the festivals for the next two years.

With the Parklands’ current trial period for hosting Splendour and Falls set to expire at the end of 2017, the NSW Department Of Planning & Environment has now recommended that the trial period be extended until the end of August 2019, after a planning application was put forward by Parklands operators.

If the recommendation is ultimately approved by the Planning Assessment Commission, it will enable at least another two Splendour In The Grass events and two Falls Festivals to take place at North Byron Parklands, with up to 35,000 people at each event.

What’s more, a spokesperson for Splendour In The Grass tells Music Feeds that the festival wants to stay at its current home.

“It continues to be our intention that North Byron Parklands continues to be the home of Splendour In The Grass,” they say.

Falls Festival is run by the same touring company as Splendour, so is also likely to remain at North Byron Parklands if it can.

The Department Of Planning & Environment says there were “no major non-compliances” and “very few complaints from the local community” during Splendour In The Grass 2017, which took place last month.

If Splendour and Falls do end up taking place at North Byron Parklands for the next two years, the Department says it would create “additional disturbance” on and around the festival site, but says “these impacts are temporary and reversible… and the cumulative impacts on ecology are negligible”.

The operators of North Byron Parklands are currently working towards receiving permanent approval to use the site as a cultural events venue for up to 50,000 people, which could see Splendour and Falls be hosted there for years to come.

To date, five Splendour In The Grasses and four Falls Festivals (say that five times fast!) have been held in the area.

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