Splendour In The Arts Lineup 2010

Organisers of the SOLD OUT event (Woodfordia July 29th, 30th, 31st and August 1st) have unveiled the Splendour in the grass arts program for 2010.

From the press release:

SPLENDOUR continues its commitment to the arts with its biggest display yet featuring everything from a giant sundial and monumental video projections to balloon totems and dance oddities.

Returning in 2010, renowned artists Andy Forbes, James Dabrowski, Clint Hurrell and Craig Walsh will reveal an incredible array of unique art forms definitely worth discovering.

Title: Fraudeville

Location: Tent of Miracles

Artists / Director: Andrew Forbes and James Dabrowski

Performance Times: 12pm-3pm 4pm -6pm 8pm-10pm 12.30am-2am (DJs in between all showtimes)

Venue Times Tent of Miracles 11am – 3am

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of SPLENDOUR IN THE GRASS The Tent of Miracles presents Fraudeville a dazzling display of heterogeneous splendour designed to abominate, pontificate and alleviate. By day witness the salvation of the great unwashed, white-knuckled weddings specializing in same sex marriages. By night there will be song and dance oddities, insatiable, sensual and sue-able acts of bad taste laced with cowardly spectacles of conjuring and impossible feats of fetish. Featuring performances by Akmal (Good News Week, Spicks and Specks) Andrew Forbes (Wacko and Blotto) Annie Lee (Kransky Sisters) Tigerlil and Kellie Vella (LaLa Parlour) Black Mass, BB Le Buff, The Great Goldfinger, Viola Vixen and more to be announced.

Title: The Uncanny

Artist: Clint Hurrell

Location: Mix-Up Field

Performance Times: Day and Night

Is it a Spectacle Art installation or an archaeological wonder? This huge double spined specimen from a giant alien creature was unearthed in 2010. Once cleaned and assembled, the skeleton took life and now transmits a mysterious message. Amaze at the towering DNA spines spinning on a giant pelvis. When it’s dark, watch the sky to find The Uncanny, as surprising searchlight choreography focuses a cascade of beams off the mirror spines reflecting a ghostly canopy over the Mix-Up Field.

Title: Humanature

Presented as part of CRAIG WALSH: DIGITAL ODYSSEY, a Museum of Contemporary Art Touring project |

Location: The Trees

Artist / Director: Craig Walsh

Performance Times: Dusk to Dawn

Humanature as a concept evolved out of the first ever Woodford Folk Festival and now returns 15 years later. Trees by day mutate into monumental portraits at night, instilling a surreal form of organic surveillance, watching over the site and those who occupy it. Are they hallucinations, apparitions, divine interventions, a large topiary project or video projections? Humanature is all of these things and more. Digital Odyssey is a national touring project presented by the Museum of Contemporary Art in association with the artist.

And punters will be able to see some of the results of the SPLENDID program which will premiere three new works at Woodfordia. SPLENDID ( is a joint initiative of the Australia Council for the Arts, Lismore Regional Gallery, Splendour in the Grass, NORPA and Arts Northern Rivers. With SPLENDOUR IN THE GRASS organisers contributing $150,000 (over three years) along with the Australian Council for the Arts contributing $600,000 (also over three years), ten artists were chosen to develop ideas for new works at a three-week arts lab residency in Lismore last year, assisted by ten Australian and international artistic provocateurs and mentors. As part of the lab, these artists were to develop ideas for the 2010 event and beyond. Now we are proud to announce details of some of these completed works that will make their debut at the 2010 SPLENDOUR IN THE GRASS.

Title: Where the Party Is

Artist(s): Mish Grigor / Lauren Brincat

Relative url:

Don’t know where the party is? Just look out for the balloons. Dead giveaway.

Titled Where the Party Is, SPLENDID artists Lauren Brincat and Mish Grigor are set to entertain a guest list of 30,000 for Splendour’s 10th Birthday in July. They are building a giant birthday totem for their work Where the Party Is. WTPI is a durational performance piece in which the artists stand atop a large platform, towering above the festival crowds, inflating thousands of balloons over the three days of the festival. In true rock ‘n’ roll style; the artists will then destroy the work on the final day by shooting all the balloons with arrows.

Title: Generative Power of Opposites

Artist: Carl Scrase

Relative url:

Big is not always better, but in the case of a music festival, scale does matter. Artist Carl Scrase considered this context when developing this 14 metre high inflatable sculpture simultaneously giving the peace and up yours symbols. From wherever you are in the festival site, this work will speak to you in very different ways. A 14 metre inflatable sculpture of 3D scan of the artists’ hand doing a ‘V symbol’ made up of a recycled materials. Music festivals have always been associated with counter culture. Titled Generative Power of Opposites, there could not be a better place for ‘a giant symbol of the revolution!’

Title: Best Time Ever

Artist(s): Lauren Brincat / Dominic Finlay-Jones

Relative url:

Best Time Ever is a timber staircase, 23m long. It is a large sculptural piece that will be seen from the approach to the festival site, but up close will reveal another face – a clock face. The staircase will be pitched at an angle of 27 degrees on a central hill at Woodford, located at 27 degrees latitude. It will cast a shadow during daylight hours that will hit scribed marks in the hill; creating a sundial, the festival clock. A semi-circular sign will be mounted over the start of the stair, 12 letters glowing at night. Best Time Ever will echo the ancient staircase, The Samrat Yantra that sits on the same latitude in India.

Don’t miss these amazing artistic feats as they unfold in all their glory at the 2010 SPLENDOUR IN THE GRASS.

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