Spotify Blend Has Launched In Aus, So You Can Stop Fighting Over The AUX

Spotify has launched a new feature called Blend. Blend allows you to see how musically compatible you and your friends are via a personalised, collaborative playlist.

Basically, you head to your Spotify app, find the Blend feature and invite a mate. Then, Spotify will curate a playlist that melds you and your friend’s musical interests into the perfect shared playlist.

There are a few more features too. You and your mate will get a taste match score, showing how much you have in common, music preference-wise.

Similarly to Spotify Wrapped, you’ll be able to share the data via your Instagram stories. The stories will come in ready-to-share slides, just like the Wrapped feature.

The Spotify Blend playlists will also come with a cute, custom cover photo.

Then, there’s the Yours or Mine? feature. This one lets users see whose musical taste is to thank for each song contributed to the playlist.

You can find the Spotify Blend feature by searching “Blend” on the app or in the Made For You hub.

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