Spotify Is Working On A Feature That Matches Music To The Vibe Of A Photo

Spotify apparently has a new feature in the works. According to Music Business Worldwide, Spotify are testing a new feature that allows you to share a photo with the streaming giant before having a song recommended, based on the vibe.

The new in-app feature would recommend a song based on “the moment and mood” of the photo you share. Jane Manchun Wong, a reverse engineer, shared a screenshot to Twitter.

In the in-app screenshot, it says, “Take a photo and enjoy music matching your moment and mood, picked just for you.” It then has prompts to take a photo in the app or to upload one from your library.

Alongside the screenshot, Wong said, “Spotify is working on letting users take a photo and recommend them music that matches the moment and mood.”

“I tried it by taking a photo of the view from my room and it keeps recommending me Indie pop for some reason.”

Regarding the privacy concerns that come with a feature like this, Spotify clarify in the feature, “We will only use the photo to recommend you music. We will not save or use the photo afterwards.”

Just a couple of months ago we learned that Spotify would be introducing a new feature where they’d curate a playlist for our pets.

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