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Stephen Colbert Gets Nude, Edits Himself Into Kanye’s ‘Famous’ Video

Unlike the naked celebrity wax figures who inhabit Kanye West‘s risque new Famous visual, the controversy surrounding the clip itself has far from been put to bed.

The NSFW music video is continuing to spark outrage among media commentators (including Girls creator Lena Dunham) and reportedly even from some of its unsuspecting stars (including, apparently, Taylor Swift), who claim that the whole thing is tantamount to exploitation.

However, their anger pales in comparison to that of Late Show host, Stephen Colbert.

Upon releasing Famous, Yeezy said that he wanted to be sued over it, and Colbert is considering taking him up on that offer.

And not because he’s offended by the naked wax likenesses of celebs like Bill Cosby, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Chris Brown, George W. Bush and Donald Trump being depicted nude and unconscious at a creepy slumber party together, but because his own cameo got edited out.

And the disgruntled Late Show host has gotten one back by screening the “unedited” version of the clip, which features himself in the nud and squished at the end of the bed next to Anna Wintour and George W. Bush.

And while his fellow celebs snooze motionlessly, Colbert is wide-awake and snacking on Saltines. “I wish you could smell it in here,” he jibes. “It is like a cage at the zoo. They’re gonna have to burn this bed.”

Colbert also throws in a couple of other trademark wisecracks for good measure, taking the piss out of the bed – “If that’s memory foam, that bed is gonna have PTSD” – and its inhabitants: “The consensus is that most of the celebrities aren’t real, just wax or silicone imitations. So, celebrities.”

Up yours, Yeezy.

Meanwhile, Colbert hasn’t been the only comedian to insert himself into the Famous clip just days after its release. Fellow talk show LOLmerchant Jimmy Kimmel gave the same honour to his sidekick Guillermo, while quipping: “That’s the most star-studded ad for a Sleep Number mattress I’ve ever seen.”

Watch both clips below.

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