Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, James Corden Parody Beyonce’s Epic ‘Lemonade’ To Varying Degrees Of Success

White boys are literally joking when they try to take on the work of Queen Bey.

Beyonce‘s new visual album Lemonade is everywhere of late – for every good reason, obviously. The album and film have garnered attention and praise for their exploration of racism, misogyny and marital infidelity.

Now, late night comedians Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel and James Corden have taken Lemonade on.

On his show, Stephen Colbert calls Lemonade an “epic response to betrayal,” and launches into a knowing ‘white mansplanation’ of the album, stating, “It makes powerful statements about women being disrespected, especially black women. And I know you have been waiting for a white man to explain it to you.”

Kimmel cleverly uses emojis to expertly explain the ins and outs of the Jay Z infidelity saga, while James Corden has produced what can only be described as a poor-taste pisstake on the Lemonade trailer.

Obviously, none of these jokesters get close to the genuine article, but that is basically impossible.

Watch the vids below.

Stephen Colbert:

Jimmy Kimmel:

James Corden:


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