Steve Kilbey’s Record Label Responds – Kilbey Slams Them Again

The last 24 hours has brought fresh pot shots from both Steve Kilbey and Second Motion Records in their slanging match over Kilbey’s measly payment for record sales in the US in the last 12 months.

On Thursday, we reported on The Church frontman’s blasting of the record label via his Facebook page, to publicly share his disgust with how much money earned from The Church’s music is syphoned by the label, leaving the creators of the music with such little financial gain.

Overnight, Second Motion Records did a huge open letter stating their side of the story and thoughts on the issues Kilbey alluded to in his post. Excerpts of the letter – penned by Owner/President Stephen Judge – seemed to show a sense of support towards Kilbey, saying that “Steve’s venting and scream speaks for all of us.”

“We understand the frustrations we all face as we all feel like we are working 4 times harder to get less, that’s something everyone feels in this economy and in the challenges of this business.

“It is extremely difficult to keep an organization going in today’s economy much less music business, and we all feel this pinch and frustrations.  I, myself, own three businesses just to stay afloat.”

He closed the letter by saying “we’re all on the same page and cheering for the same team here, so let’s move on.”

All that was cold comfort to Kilbey, who posted his own ‘open letter’ on his website ‘The Time Being’ this morning…ultimately threatening court action, and to also put the label’s “royalty statements online for the whole world to see.”

In fact, to summarise it, Kilbey was “mad as hell and I ain’t gonna take it”. And that’s saying things nicely. Check out the full post here.

It’s very unlikely that we’ve heard the last bit of arguing on this one… Music Feeds will have more news and developments when they come about.

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