Steven Tyler Threatens To Sue Donald Trump Over Use of Aerosmith Hit ‘Dream On’

Seems Donald Trump is at it again with Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler just the latest musician to threaten to sue ‘the Donald’ over un-authorised use of music for his presidential campaign.

Joining the likes of Neil Young and R.E.M. as a fellow victim of Trump’s musical larceny, Tyler – a Republican himself and proud of it – sent Trump a cease and desist letter in August, but Trump continued to use the track.

Not too happy with the miraculously combed over businessman’s actions, Tyler’s lawyers sent a second letter to Trump on Saturday.

In a strange break with the tradition of the two previous cases however, Tyler’s lawyers are claiming that the litigation is in no way politically motivated. One would assume then that Tyler must just be upset with the Donald’s miserly move to ignore paying a licensing fee – I mean come on Donald, surely someone who describes themselves as “America’s most successful Presidential candidate” can afford that?

Speculation aside, Tyler’s attorney Dina LaPolt recently told TMZ that “[Tyler’s] position has always been consistent regarding copyright and intellectual property,” .

“Simply, one must get permission from the music creators. Steven wrote 100 per cent of Dream On, and this is about the un-authorised use of his property.”

The letter delivered on Saturday makes clear that Trump does “not have our client’s permission to use Dream On” or any of Tyler’s other songs and that it “gives the false impression that he is connected with or endorses Mr Trump’s presidential bid.”

Personally I thought the song was a strange choice for Trump, as with such a flair for drama and considering he may well be ushering in the destruction of earth as we know it, if he was going to pick and Aerosmith song, I would have thought he would have picked the one from Armageddon.

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Watch: Aerosmith – Dream On

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